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If you are here then you must be looking for me or something I did or want to do. So without wasting your time here are my top projects:
How to find me:

You can send me a message even if I am not online.

KE3HT Transmitter Hunting

Some of my past activities. I have a long time love for this aspect of the hobby.

 KE3HT/rMY Microwave Rover contest operation!
Some of the other Microwave Contesting info:
KE3HT Microwave Contesting

Page me on my Cell Phone

 Want to program a GE Phoenix ? I did it without the GE box! & other info
440 MHZ IRLP Project.

NASA & other space stuff
High speed Packet Radio This is an area where most development has stopped, yet its the one area that hams can excel in ! We stopped because of the lack of commercial radios. Click to read more.
APRS stuff here: :
  Radio parts and suppliers
Repeaters:146.91 or 147.03 
Packet: 145.05, 145.69 or 145.79 
E-mail: email 
 or: email 
 Groups Clubs and other Orgs   Dazzle DVC-II SVCD instructions
 PAQSO party (Contest)  I "LOVE" this contest. I also wrote my own software to allow people to do real time logging. I think this is the only PAQSO software that does the mobiles correctly. It also works FOR mobiles. Check this page out its free!

 Episodes listing (All)
 Star trek Calendar
Star Trek Shows coming!
 Crash down site.
Everwood Episode guides

 Yahoo Roswell Info

Click on the pic for more

Really neat photo server for Mass, See Your house!
Real Neat view of the earth (Terra) ! from Microsoft. (Free)

Some of my other passions:

 PC Phpto Video Burning info site.

  STPR Net control 1997  Some behind the scenes Pix of an STPR event.

 My support technique!  (humor)

Other misc info:

 Ham Radio Icons !  And More  Clip art and Icons !

Track the progress of a plane flight      Airline departure/arrival delays and stuff !

Sabrett Hot dog onions here !Here is where you can get REAL Sabrett Hot Dogs and the Onions that go with them!! SPECIAL!!

Want a better price than retail! Get a gang together and order in case or 25lb quanities and get wholesale prices!
16oz Sabrett hot dog onions $2 my cost including my shipping to get them. Thats $1 cheaper than the stores have them on LI.  .

 Grand kid picture #1

My first movie of grandkid  Clip#1Clip#2Clip#3Clip#4

 Family films and photo albums

A tribute to a hero in computer design. SRC

An F18 going supersonic from Pat Masterson of Grumman....

Warning for Internet purchases:In general I have had good experiances with internet purchases. I do however think that anyone can be fooled into purchasing something without wanting to. The biggest deception is the "Trial Offer" where some companies ask a small amount for a 30day trial period. Damark being only one of many. Damark type companies are not all bad. They just don't mention up front in plain text the AUTOMATIC billing for a full year of service to your charge card. This is what has always been called "Fine Print". Its an old trick of the sales trade. Even for non-web sales. So Damark is not the only one. The old saying says: "Buyer be aware". Watch your charge bills closely and report any un-authorized purchases asap.

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